Integrative Healing & Recovery Programs, LLC

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Cultivating Healing from Within
About Integrative Recovery Therapy/
Yoga For Recovery™   

Integrative Recovery Therapy/Yoga for Recovery offers a unique therapy for healing from the disease of addiction and provides transformational life skills that relieve suffering from its devastation. The overall goal of the program is to provide building blocks for developing a personal practice of daily self-care and nurturing on an on-going basis.

The program weaves together practices from the Eight Limbs of Yoga including breathing practices and meditation along with mindfulness, Qi Gong, self-massage, deep relaxation, guided imagery and Yoga Nidra.

Many of these practices have been a powerful tools for transformation and healing for thousands of years and provide very practical techniques for managing stress and promoting wellness. And, contrary to popular belief, one does not need to be particularly fit, flexible or energetic to participate in these practices and benefit profoundly from them.

The Breathing (Pranayama) practices create more focused mental abilities, less volatile emotional states and balance in the mind. In addition to reducing stress, the Guided Imagery, Deep Relaxation and Meditation practices greatly increase self-awareness, happiness and sense of well-being. The Posture (Asana) practices improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness and overall physical health. 

These practices lead to greater self-esteem and greater concern for taking care of oneself. As personal needs are met, students gain a broader concern for family,friends, fellow students, the community and the world.